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C 982 191

Francesco Piemontesi

Franz Liszt: Année de Pèlerinage

Orfeo • 1 CD • 62min

Order No.: C 982 191


F. Liszt: Saint François d'Assise S 175 No. 1 (La prédication aux oiseaux)
F. Liszt: Années de pèlerinage - deuxième année: Italie S 161


Francesco Piemontesi (Klavier)

Francesco Piemontesi

If the legend of the ‘sermon to the birds’ C 982 191
C 982 191
constitutes a magnificent example of narrative art on the piano, for this way of expressing extra-musical ideas solely with notes the three series of Années de Pèlerinage would seem to be a salient cycle in Liszt’s oeuvre. These ‘years of pilgrimage’ contain a total of 26 character pieces, forming a kind of musical diary for Liszt’s years of travelling. After the very successful release of Volume 1 (C944182) the young and talented italian pianist Francesco Piemontesi takes care of the second part, “Italy”. Again, an impressive movie accompanies the pianist on his trip throug Italy, on the traces of Franz Liszt. This DVD shows not only the beauty of the landscape but also interesting statements of Francesco Piemontesi about his actual recording.

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