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C 977 195

Alexander Glazunov

The Symphonies

Orfeo • 5 CD • 5h 34min

Order No.: C 977 195


A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 1 E major op. 5 (Slavyanskaya)
A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 2 f sharp minor op. 16
A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 3 D major op. 33
A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 4 E flat major op. 48
A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 5 B flat major op. 55
A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 6 c minor op. 58
A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 7 F major op. 77 (Pastoral)
A. Glasunow: Symphony No. 8 E flat major op. 83
A. Glasunow: Ouverture solenelle op. 73
A. Glasunow: Poème lyrique D flat major op. 12
A. Glasunow: Concertowalzer No. 1 D major op. 47
A. Glasunow: Concertowalzer No. 2 F major op. 51
A. Glasunow: Wedding March op. 21


Bamberger Symphoniker - Bayerische Staatsphilharmonie (Orchester)
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks (Orchester)
Neeme Järvi (Dirigent)

Alexander Glazunov: The Symphonies

Glazunov’s symphonies are a significant cycle within the Russian symphony, C 977 195
C 977 195
to which similar status should be accorded as the today considerably better-known symphonic cycles by his successors Prokofiev, Myaskovsky or Shostakovich. Like Camille Saint-Saëns in France or Max Bruch in Germany, Alexander Glazunov was a truly progressive, but formally conservatively thinking composer who was not willing to sacrifice the traditional symphonic form to superficial Modernism. It is now time to rehabilitate Glazunov’s symphonies. Whoever studies them intensively will discover some of the finest music of their time and particularly under the wonderful baton of the great Glazunov champion Neeme Järvi.

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