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C 956 181 A

Schumann • Schubert • Reiter

Lieder. Elisabeth Kulman

Orfeo • 1 CD • 71min

Order No.: C 956 181 A


R. Schumann: Of Foreign Countries and People op. 15 No. 1 (Kinderszenen op. 15)
R. Schumann: Mond, meiner Seele Liebling op. 104 No. 1
R. Schumann: Seit ich ihn gesehen op. 42 No. 1
R. Schumann: Du nennst mich armes Mädchen op. 104 No. 3
R. Schumann: Ich kann's nicht fassen, nicht glauben op. 42 No. 3
R. Schumann: Perfect Happines op. 15 No. 5 (Kinderszenen op. 15)
R. Schumann: Süßer Freund, du blickest op. 42 No. 6
R. Schumann: An meinem Herzen, an meiner Brust op. 42 No. 7
R. Schumann: Der Zeisig op. 104 No. 4
R. Schumann: Kinderwacht op. 79 No. 21
R. Schumann: Warum? op. 12 No. 3 – Langsam und zart
R. Schumann: Die letzten Blumen starben op. 104 No. 6
R. Schumann: Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan op. 42 No. 8
R. Schumann: Reich mir die Hand, o Wolke op. 104 No. 5
R. Schumann: Nachtlied op. 96 No. 1
R. Schumann: Mondnacht op. 39 No. 5 – Zart, heimlich
F. Schubert: Dithyrambe D 801 (1st Verse)
F. Schubert: Die Sterne D 684
F. Schubert: Romanze aus "Rosamunde" op. 26 D 797/3b
H. Reiter: Sachliche Romanze
F. Schubert: Wehmut D 772
H. Reiter: Alte Frau auf dem Friedhof
F. Schubert: Am Tage Aller Seelen D 343 (Litaney auf das Fest aller Seelen)
F. Schubert: Dithyrambe D 801 (2nd Verse)
F. Schubert: Misstrauensvotum
F. Schubert: Klage D 415
F. Schubert: Schweizerlied D 559
F. Schubert: Für die Katz
F. Schubert: Dithyrambe D 801 (3rd Verse)
F. Schubert: Ankündigung einer Chansonette No. 8
R. Schumann: Im wunderschönen Monat Mai op. 48 No. 1 (from: Dichterliebe)


Elisabeth Kulman (Mezzosopran)
Eduard Kutrowatz (Klavier)

Schumann • Schubert • Reiter: Lieder

With Elisabeth Kulman through the history of the art song

The Schwarzenberg Schubertiade can look C 956 181 A
C 956 181 A
back on more than forty years of music-making history, making it one of the oldest music festivals for the Lieder genre. In the true spirit of its co-founders Hermann Prey and Gerd Nachbauer, the music of Franz Schubert is the central focus of interest, and this is reflected in the frequent airing of works by composers who followed Schubert and continued his Lieder legacy.

One of the foremost composers of Lieder after Schubert was undoubtedly Robert Schumann, whom Elisabeth Kulman, possibly todayʼs best mezzo soprano, placed at the heart of her Schubertiade Lieder recital on August 26, 2017. Together with her outstanding accompanist Eduard Kutrowatz she performed a very personal selection of Schumann Lieder which included both the well known standard songs as well as rarities in the repertoire.

In the second half of her recital, Kulman contrasted some of the best known Schubert Lieder with songs by Herwig Reiters, who is currently deemed one of the leading composers of Lieder, thereby impressively illustrating how the tradition of the art song has developed from Schubertʼs time to the present day to produce some really brilliant repertoire for listeners to enjoy.

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