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C 866 183 D

Georges Bizet


Orfeo • 3 CD • 2h 42min

Order No.: C 866 183 D


G. Bizet: Carmen


Grace Bumbry (Carmen, Zigeunerin - Mezzosopran)
Jon Vickers (Don José, Sergeant - Tenor)
Justino Diaz (Escamillo, Stierkämpfer - Bariton)
Mirella Freni (Micaela, Bauernmädchen - Sopran)
Olivera Miljakovic (Frasquita, Zigeunerin - Sopran)
Julia Hamari (Mercédès, Zigeunerin - Mezzosopran)
Anton Diakov (Zuniga, Leutnant - Bassbariton)
Robert Kerns (Moralès, Sergeant - Bariton)
Milen Paunov (Remendado, Schmuggler - Tenor)
John Kesteren (Dancairo, Schmuggler - Bariton)
Chor der Wiener Staatsoper (Chor)
Wiener Philharmoniker (Orchester)
Herbert von Karajan (Dirigent)

Georges Bizet: Carmen

When an event of such worldwide significance as the Salzburg Festival features a box-office success like Bizet’s “Carmen”, it is always newsworthy. But back in 1967, we should recall, “Carmen” was being put on at the Salzburg Festival for the very first time. The expectations were vast, and so no expense was spared. C 866 183 D
C 866 183 D
The great stars of the day, such as Grace Bumbry, Mirella Freni, Jon Vickers, John van Kesteren and many more, ensured a cast that even today can be considered ideal down to the very smallest supporting role. And Herbert von Karajan was more than a conductor, he was the director of the production, having full control over presenting the music to full advantage as he saw it from his point of view. Musically first-rate, the listener can have no clue that this staging was to prove Karajan’s greatest Salzburg failure. Thus this optimally restored live audio recording represents yet another Salzburg document released by Orfeo and giving us an objective look back across the space of half a century.

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