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C 681 062 I

Giuseppe Verdi

La forza del destino

Orfeo • 2 CD • 2h 31min

Order No.: C 681 062 I

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G. Verdi: La forza del destino


Ludwig Welter (Marchese di Calatrava - Baß)
Antonietta Stella (Leonora di Vargas, Tochter des Marchese di Calatrava - Sopra)
Ettore Bastianini (Don Carlo di Vargas - Bariton)
Giuseppe di Stefano (Alvaro, Gouverneur von Peru - Baß)
Giulietta Simionato (Preziosilla - Mezzosopran)
Walter Kreppel (Padre Guardiano - Baß)
Karl Dönch (Fra Melitone - Baß)
Annemarie Ludwig (Curra - Sopran)
Harald Pröglhöf (Alcade - Baß)
Hugo Meyer-Welfing (Mastro Trabuco - Tenor)
Franz Bierbach (Chirurgo - Bariton)
Chor der Wiener Staatsoper (Chor)
Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper (Orchester)
Dimitri Mitropoulos (Dirigent)

La forza del destino

Verdi’s La forza del destino
La forza del destino
own operas, by contrast, generally need little help in promoting them, although it is still a good thing if from time to time they are lifted out of the rut of operatic routine, as happened to La forza del destino in 1960. Only a few weeks before his sudden death, Dimitri Mitropoulos added perceptibly to the temperature inside the Vienna State Opera and ratcheted up the tension with the State Opera Chorus and Orchestra until it reached bursting point. The Leonora in this performance is Antonietta Stella, a genuine Verdi soprano who was unjustly underrated in comparison to her more prominent rivals from Italy, Greece and Turkey. Opposite her are the tenor Giuseppe di Stefano and the baritone Ettore Bastianini, both of whom offer performances as remarkable for their dramatic attack as for the subtlety of their singing. The lower voice types are represented by Giulietta Simionato, Walter Kreppel and Karl Dönch, providing a fascinating contrast between a legendary Italian visiting star and exponents of the old Viennese ensemble spirit at an exciting, transitional period in operatic history that is recalled in an essay on Dimitri Mitropoulos that has been contributed to the CD booklet by Michael Gielen, who was a répétiteur and conductor at the Vienna State Opera at the time in question.

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