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C 139 861 A

Englische Virginalisten

Orfeo • 1 CD • 57min

Order No.: C 139 861 A

also available as:
1 LP S 139 861 A
1 MC M 139 861 A


W. Byrd: La Volta
W. Byrd: Galliardas Passamezzo
W. Byrd: Wolseys Wilde
J. Bull: Walsingham
Th. Morley: Alman
J. Munday: Robin
J. Bull: In nomine
J. Bull: Dr. Bull's Juell
J. Bull: The King's Hunt
M. Peerson: The Fall of the Leafe
R. Farnaby: Nobodyes Gigue
W. Craft: Ground
W. Byrd: The Battle


Zuzana Růžičková (Cembalo)

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